mCtrl 0.8.2
Data Fields

MC_GGEOMETRY Struct Reference

Structure describing inner geometry of the grid. More...

Data Fields

 Bitmask specifying what other members are valid. See MC_GGM_xxxx.
WORD wColumnHeaderHeight
 Height of column header cells.
WORD wRowHeaderWidth
 Width of row header cells.
WORD wColumnWidth
 Width of regular contents cells.
WORD wRowHeight
 Height of regular contents cells.
WORD wPaddingHorz
 Horizontal padding in cells.
WORD wPaddingVert
 Vertical padding in cells.

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

 Set if MC_GGEOMETRY::wColumnHeaderHeight is valid.
 Set if MC_GGEOMETRY::wRowHeaderWidth is valid.
 Set if MC_GGEOMETRY::wColumnWidth is valid.
 Set if MC_GGEOMETRY::wRowHeight is valid.
 Set if MC_GGEOMETRY::wPaddingHorz is valid.
 Set if MC_GGEOMETRY::wPaddingVert is valid.

Detailed Description

Structure describing inner geometry of the grid.

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