mCtrl  0.9.3
Header Files
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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|o*button.hEnhanced button control (MC_WC_BUTTON)
|o*chart.hChart control (MC_WC_CHART)
|o*defs.hCommon definitions
|o*dialog.hDialog functions
|o*expand.hExpand control (MC_WC_EXPAND)
|o*grid.hGrid control (MC_WC_GRID)
|o*html.hHTML control (MC_WC_HTML)
|o*mditab.hMDI tab control (MC_WC_MDITAB)
|o*menubar.hMenu bar control (MC_WC_MENUBAR)
|o*propset.hItem set (data model for property view control)
|o*propview.hProperty view control (MC_WC_PROPVIEW)
|o*table.hTable (data model for grid control)
|o*theme.hTheme wrapper functions
|o*treelist.hTree-list view control (MC_WC_TREELIST)
|o*value.hPolymorphic data (MC_HVALUETYPE and MC_HVALUE)
|\*version.hRetrieving mCtrl version